General Authority of Communications and Informatics

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About the Commission

The General Authority of Communication and Informatics represents the highest authority in charge of the telecommunication sector in Libya

Authority's functions
  • Suggest draft laws and regulations related to the telecommunications, informatics and postal sectors.
  • Implement legislation related to the sector
  • Developing national plans and monitoring the implementation
  • Establishing the national frequency spectrum plan and managing frequency usage.
  • Organizing the connection between telecommunication networks based on the provision of services.
  • Issuing and determining fees for all types of licenses and granting approvals related to the activity.
  • Propose the rules of granting of licenses related to the sector
  • determine prices and fees for providing services.
  • Determine the minimum quality and level of service provision.
  • Setting technical and standard specifications for communications and information systems for all state institutions.
  • Determine the standards of non-economic telecommunications services for remote areas, along with specifying the obligations that operators and service providers bear.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the need to modify the level of organization of any service and proposing appropriate solutions.
  • Encouraging investment in the sector and providing an appropriate environment for that.
  • Supervising the sector's activities and monitor companies operating in this field.
  • Supervising satellite projects and implementing related legislation.
  • Establish standards related to national security in the sector in coordination with the related authorities.
  • Studying international treaties and agreements related to the sector and proposing Participate or join it and follow up on its implementation.
  • Participate in international organizations, attending regional and international conferences, presenting their recommendations for approval and following up on their implementation.
  • Represent the Libyan government in international organizations in the field of communications and informatics, in coordination with the related authorities.
  • Promote competition in service provision and prevent non-competitive behavior.
  • Take all legal measures against the violations committed in this field.
  • Collecting information related to the sector , issuing reports and publications necessary to guide the recipients of the services, and contributing to media programs to raise public awareness in this area