General Authority of Communications and Informatics

Virtual Community – Premium Services – Competitive Environment


The Regulatory Department is responsible for regulating the telecommunications sector in Libya.Also regulating the telecommunications and information technology sector, the postal sector, and grant access to digital media.

It encourage and support an open and competitive telecommunications sector to ensure the provision of innovative, advanced and reliable services with full commitment to achieving a balance between consumers' rights, meeting the needs of service providers, and ensuring the quality of services in compliance with the terms of the licenses.

The Regulatory Department undertake the following responsibilities :
  • Regulating communications and information technology services in Libya in accordance with the established general policy to ensure the provision of communications and information technology services to beneficiaries at a high level and reasonable prices, in a manner that achieves optimal performance for the related sectors.
  • Protecting the interests of the beneficiaries, monitoring the persons and licensed entities to ensure compliance with the conditions of the license, including the specifications, quality and prices of the services provided, also taking the necessary measures for this purpose and punishing those who violate these conditions
  • Establishing and approving the conditions and criteria for granting licenses for telecommunications networks and services and for the use of radio frequencies.
  • Managing the radio frequency spectrum and regulating the use of all terrestrial, marine, air and satalite frequencies .
  • Setting technical rules and standards for connecting wired or wireless communication devices, including telecommunications terminal devices, with the public telecommunications networks
  • Granting specific approvals, regulating the entry of telecommunications terminal equipment necessary for individual and private uses or for specific areas, and monitoring that usage

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