General Authority of Communications and Informatics

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common questions

question 5 :

What are the most important objectives of the National Numbering Plan?


The National Numbering Plan has been prepared to achieve the following objectives:

  • Ensure that sufficient numbers are available.
  • Reducing any obstacles to the optimal use of the numbers assigned to users.
  • Enable users to know which numbers can be used for each service.
  • Preparing the rules governing the allocation and reservation of numbers in an effective manner that takes into account the long-term interest of users and contributes to the speedy provision of services to them upon request.
  • Work to reduce the negative effects that occur to end users in case of changing numbers.
  • Full assimilation, and maximum utilization of the capabilities of various communication technologies and services.

question 6 :

Can the application be submitted directly to the authority?


Yes, the application can be submitted directly to the authority and delivered to the Customer Services Unit in the General Department for Regulation Affairs on the fourth floor

question 7 :

Can a company apply for more than one license?


Yes, it is possible, but each application must be submitted separately and the form for each license is attached to an instrument of the value of each license.

question 8 :

I am a foreign company, can I apply for a license?


One of the licensing requirements is that the applicant company obtains a license to practice the activity from the General Authority for Communications and Informatics in Libya, a commercial register and a memorandum of association, so if the applicant meets the conditions, we do not mind granting him the license for that.